Sunday, April 08, 2007 get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?

Happy Easter to each and every one of you. This was going to be a quiet, boring, maybe even a little sad day---H has to work, and no family plans. There isn't even any Nascar today, due to the Easter holiday. But things change, and i have two of my three kids here as we speak, or should I say three of my four, since GF is here with YS? Either way, I am making dinner, and hopefully, they will be sticking around long enough to visit a little. The bad part about that is I have already done my Easter duties, they have their baskets/candy. You just never know with this outfit what is going on, or where anyone will be. So rotisserie chicken, here we come again. Yea, my favorite, but you didn't know that, right?

I survived yesterday quite nicely----only one and a half hours spent at Home Depot. We got most everything we needed, and only spent seven hundred dollars. I expected it spend more, and we found decent exterior doors for a great price, we had only planned to buy one, and ended up getting front and back, the price was so reasonable. We still need paint and a couple of other small things, but by the time we install/use everything we bought, the place will look waaay better. I am not looking forward to the day that H installs the mini blinds, thirteen windows, by the way, that is a job he hates, and one he swears alot doing, and that is when he only has one or two to do. I have never had to listen/endure for thirteen before, perhaps I should be AWOL that day.

After our big home improvement shopping excursion, I had H drop me at a gambling establishment, and come back to pick me up after he had delivered all the goods to the rental house. I don't think he was thrilled with that plan, but he had been a moody MAN for most of the day, and I really didn't care how happy he was about it. I had a really great time, I won a little, then lost it, won again...etc. I had a couple of drinks and just watched the crowd alot, people that frequent casinos are really not very attractive, are they? I am talking about the one's that LIVE in such places, no other hobbies, no other life, at all. All hunched over, smoking like a chimney, pasty faced, wrinkly. Another good reason not to hang out in such places continually.Anyway, it was a good day, we got home relatively early, I didn't lose any money, and had I been able to leave at my own will, I could have come home a little richer, but having to wait for H caused me to spend more than I hope I would have otherwise. H wasn't very happy when he got there either, he isn't very happy lately, any place. ?????? Of course, when asked, nothing is wrong.

The SOPRANOS are back, starting tonight! It's about time. I wonder what time, if H will be home yet, if not I will have to DVR it and watch it with him when he does get home. Hard to believe I like that show, but oooooh, how I love Tony Soprano---and the whole rotten cast, such bad people, such fun. I wonder of this really will be the final season, it has been speculated that each of the last few seasons would be the last.

I wish I had a church to go to this morning. I know of one I would like to go to, but I have never felt that Easter was the day to visit a church. I would like to be a part of a church family somewhere, and I really do think the one I have in mind would be perfect. I just haven't gotten off of my lazy butt and done anything about it. I expect (and receive) so much from God, and I do so little to honor Him. I am a true believer, and while I know it's not the popular road to take, I know that without him I would be NOTHING. I also feel that I don't HAVE to go to church to have a relationship with Him, but I do feel that going regularly helps keep me centered and grounded.

I guess I am off to my day. I look forward to making a nice dinner, and now that alot of the family will be here today, I wish that H could be, as well. I planned a huge family dinner for NEXT Sunday, my mom and R, my younger sister and her family, and as many kids of mine that can make it. I thought that would be our Easter gathering, since that was the only day that I could get everyone in the same place. So H thought that working today would be okay, since it is so hard to find employees that want to work on this holiday, as most people want to be with their own families. Dammit. He will be missed, or he would be if he weren't such a grouch:)

I hope your day is wonderful. Later.


Amanda said...

Yup, it was a good day here too. So what will you make for dinner next week? :)

simonsays said...

Chicken again...I should have feathers! It makes up ninety percent of what we eat, what I cook. I may Cordon Bleu it, if that can be used as a verb.

Amanda said...

I heart Cordon Bleu! Yummy. :)