Saturday, April 07, 2007

How many licks DOES it take....

B-O-R-I-N-G. That was my Friday night. I was too tired, too worn out mentally, but mostly physically, to do anything but hit the couch and stay there. All night. Now, if you know me at all, you have to know that I wouldn't miss a Friday night out----not if there was ANY way to help it. THAT's how sick and tired I was. H brought me dinner from a local restaurant, and that was all she wrote. Damn. I did have a couple of drinks, but they are never as good at home as they are out in a public place, which has nothing to do with the actual drink, I am sure. But anyway, I am mildly better today, maybe i am getting a cold or the flu, or something.

Work today, at least this morning, then H and I have to go to the big city to buy supplies for the minor renovation that we are doing at the rental house. Paint, trim, a front door, bathroom flooring, mini blinds for a gazillion windows, yuk. I hate going to those damned home improvement place, giant-mega-stores, ughhh. H is in heaven while he is there, and can stay there for days. Not MY idea of a good time, perhaps I will have him drop me off at a drinking establishment, now THAT will improve my afternoon, not really, just kidding. hmmmm...

My day yesterday was difficult, for no apparent reason, I just felt so bad all day. I am generally raring to go on a Friday-----I think maybe my aerobics have put alot of stress on my not normal body, and it will take a little longer than normal to recover each time I do them. I cannot give up on them, however. I haven't asked the dr about it, but he wouldn't know, anyway. It would only be a guess for him, too. So I will trudge on, until it gets better, or until I can't do it at all. I think I maybe should shoot for three times a week until I feel better. I can try to walk on the other days, but if they will all be like yesterday, I could barely walk to the bathroom. I hate feeling that way, and I refuse to give in to it. I have spent so many of my days barely able to walk, and that is such a helpless feeling. Hopefully, this will pass quickly.

I guess I am off to my whoo-hoo Saturday----HOME DEPOT, here I come. Can't frickin' wait! Over and Out.

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Amanda said...

I was told that if am in pain because of exercising, I should wait until that pain goes away before I resume the work out. I'll have to ask ask CCC our resident gym trainer, if that's true.

I hope you have fun at the Home Depot! (I rarely do.)