Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Take my breathe away

I've got nothing this morning. Not one thing of any worth to say. How odd is that? Not that any of my posts have any real worth, but they generally do to me. This morning, there is nothing.

I could tell you that I am able to walk, a little. That the majority of the past two days have been spent on my rear end. I am hoping that i will be able to manage a full day at work today.

I could tell you that i am quite frustrated because I am reading a really good book and my eyes will not cooperate, and I can only read for a few minutes before I go blind.

I could tell you that i am really tired of the media, and what they manage to do to a story---but the mere fact that I watch it leaves me with zero credibility.

I could tell you that there is hamburger in my microwave, just going around and around with this morning's oatmeal, a little glob of it, left over from heating CrazyDog's dinner last night, (I know, I know, I don't need to hear about that!) which I assume will be cleaned up later this morning after I bitch at H, and that I am tired of cleaning such messes, or bitching about them.

However, all of that would be quite boring, and I should spare you the yawns. So I will leave it all unsaid. Hope you have a great day. I would just like a mobile one. Out.

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SOULMANGE: said...

thanx for leaving that all unsaid. it was a good read anyhow.