Friday, April 27, 2007

On a positive note...

The sun is supposed to be shining today. This is a good thing, as it has been steadily RAINING for the past three days. Podunk is flooded. We need the sun to dry up the water, and I need the sun to help me hold on to what little sanity I have left. And there is very little of it, I might add. This week has been difficult, to say the least. Even more so than the regular weeks. I have been quite down, physically, so much so that I couldn't even post yesterday. Unusual for me. I think the good dr's needles and electric shocks stirred up something I would rather have left alone. The troubles of my kids, my job, my marriage have seemed overwhelming. And when I am really not doing well, I just get quiet. I know, that's hard to believe. But I do.

But I am looking for the brighter side of things. And I am having problems finding them. So, I will start small. Today is Friday. That is good. I like this particular day of the week, although I really don't know why, as I always have to work somewhere on the next day., I am being POSITIVE. There is a chance that I will not have killed H by tonight, and that we could end up going out. A small chance, but a chance nonetheless. That chance will also have to include the near miracle of me actually feeling like going out.....nope, this is positive.

YS's broken car NUMBER TWO, has not been fixed yet, but the mechanic THINKS he knows what is wrong with it. Yes readers, YS and GF BOTH had broken cars this week, at the same time. And it is up to me, that's right, ME, to take car of the problems. Flippin' Mazda, I TOLD them when they got it that we are not set up to work on them, so I would have no part of maintenance or repair at my place of employment. RIGGGHT. But I am being positive, so the good thing here is a little progress has been made. Car number one has been fixed already, but it is a GM product and that's what we DO. The cost? We don't want to discuss that, as this post is positive.

D has had a better week. That really is positive. I don't know how my sister/niece are doing, as the phones only dial one way, from me to her. The same with my mom. But since this is not negative, I will assume no news is good news.

I am starting a new medication this weekend, something I do not like to do, but to put a positive spin on it, it actually could help. And that would be a positive thing, because I am losing my mind with pain these past two days. I am hoping for a better day today, and hope is positive, isn't it?

YS and GF DIDN'T run my credit card over limit, that is positive. They ran it right up to the limit. With nine whole dollars to spare. Why do they have my credit card? For emergencies. You know, things like emergency dinners out, emergency bowling games, emergency movie rentals, stuff like that. According to the current statement.

At work, my list of things to accomplish before the first of the month was as long as my arm. Now it only goes as far as a couple of inches past my elbow. Another positive.And, I am NOT working at the ice cream store today. So, there may actually be time for me to manage a few more things on my list.

So now, I am positively off. For the day. Hope you have a really POSITIVE one. Later.


Amanda said...

Sending some positive thoughts to you. Please send rain in return.

simonsays said...

Amanda, I WILL send the rain your way! Have a good day!

Sandra said...

Wow I'm fairly positive I would commit a violent crime if anyone ran my credit cards up on nonsense. You are more in control than you realize!!