Saturday, April 28, 2007

Masses or Asses

It's Saturday, and a sunny one at that! Isn't it amazing what a little sunshine can do for your attitude? Or--at least mine, anyway.

I am here late this morning, I was out late last night, it was a good night, I let loose (just a little) and that was something I really needed. I am tired today, but it is worth it.

I still have tons left to do at the garage today, but I am plugging away, slowly making progress. And if you knew all that I go through at work, you would really be proud of me. It is a three ring circus, all the time. I work for the craziest man on the planet. Seriously. Crazy in a good way, I might add. He isn't psychotic or irrational. He is always looking for kicks, fun, a good time. He prevents most work from being done----because it is too boring. He constantly needs to be entertained. When I insisted that he get hooked up on the internet, it was like a new life had been found for him(thank you Al Gore). Now I really can't remember what he did with all his time before. He is on the computer from morning until evening, and then I am sure he gets on his computer at home. It is his new "job". He DOES buy cars from him computer, or at least tries to, every day. Other than that, he is surfing. He's a funny, funny man. I really do love him. I have worked for him for far too long and been his friend even longer not to. But oh....some days. SOME DAYS.... I could literally kill him. Or at least hurt him pretty good. But that is nothing new, and it is something I generally tell him, at least weekly.

So , I need to get in the shower and get myself to work. Saturdays are generally a pretty low-key day. Hopefully, it will be a quiet one for me. I am only in a moderate amount of pain this morning, it is manageable. I have not tried the new medication yet, I really do dread it. I am a pill "weenie", everything affects me differently than it does the masses. I almost typed asses. Geez

Outta here.


Beth said...

really, asses would have fit perfectly in that sentence.

that is a very pretty eye in that picture.

now go take a shower!

Amanda said...

Yes, internet rocks. I used to pay late-fees at 4 different libraries before I discovered the one thing that could keep my mind occupied forever...

Totally understand this fear of trying out pills.