Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way

Yesterday,I fulfilled my Easter Bunny duties. I feel better, as last year, I started a family war, them versus me, due to my lack of doling out the goods. MY KIDS ARE ALL IN THEIR TWENTIES! But there I was, buying freakin' Easter grass, candy eggs, candy beads on an elastic string. Hard to believe. YS and GF, and D, all got a basket. OS---forget it, you got a couch, buddy. Geez.

I am in "aerobic" pain this morning. It's hell to get old. But I want to wear short sleeves this summer. And old arms are ugly. Damn. So, I sweat to the oldies, sort of. Not with that irritating little goon, but my homemade version of it. I love the dance music from the eighties. Hell, I love dance music from any decade. I love to dance. I gave it up when I met and married H. He has two left feet, he says. I miss it - and am going to find a way to do more of it. (more would be easy, since what I do now is NONE.) I taught my kids dad to dance, way back-all those years ago. We were pretty good. I had to lead, but we did well. Now I don't know how not to lead, not that is ever any kind of problem these days, since i have no opportunity. Time for a change, I must say. Want to dance with me? :)

Thursday, hell day for me. I have a couple of things to handle today, and I am NOT looking forward to them. Sometimes, it sucks to be the boss. Recently, these long, twelve hour days have been flying by. That's a good thing.

Wish me luck----and I hope your day is great. Keep dancing. Out.


Amanda said...

OMG...they still expect goodies for Easter?! [Explosive sounds in the background, as Amanda's illusions of starting a new life at the Bahamas as soon as her son turns 18 puff up in smoke]

Good luck with the other stuff!

the landshark said...

easter baskets for life! woot!