Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm feeling kind of cruddy tonight, kind of down. That is unusual for me, I generally pull myself back up, but tonight, I am just too tired. It was a frustrating day, and irritating day, just a rotten day. Mostly me, I'm sure.

I am really tired of people that shit all over others. It is so hard to find a real and true person? Nearly impossible. Is is too much to ask for others to tell the truth? For them NOT to put themselves in the best possible light, and throw any other party directly under the front wheels of the oncoming bus? My issues today don't matter, but it is becoming such a trend. The outcome doesn't affect me, I have enough integrity and long term trust that it makes no difference, but damn, just once, I want to see another person tell it the way it really is. If you did something, own up to it. If you are in a tight place, get out of it, with the truth. THE TRUTH, PEOPLE. Is that so damned hard? No wonder I don't like anyone. No one gives me a damned reason. And what is to be gained? What? Nothing. Nothing at freakin' all.

I will take my mood somewhere else. I hope your day was better than mine. Later.


Beth said... are seriously bummed. But I got you on the crappy people thing. sometimes I HATE people and want to move to an myself...with just my dogs..and my gossip magazines. Heaven!

Amanda said...

There are many reasons why people are the way they are. Some of us are made, others are born this way. The only guarantee we have, is that we will all disappoint someone in some way during the course of our life.

The question I try to ask is, what is his/her redeeming factor? Is it high enough to continue our connection?

simonsays said...

Good questions, Amanda. It really makes no difference, however. In general, I believe that most are the way I describe. And like I said in this morning's post, it makes you appreciate those who are not. Thanks to both you and Beth for visiting!