Friday, March 30, 2007

Yada Yada Yada

Yesterday turned out to be one of the longest days in history. I was late getting home, it felt like midnight, although it was only eight-forty-five. Monday's and Thursdays are hell, the dealership is open twelve hours, with my travel time, I am gone for at least thirteen hours, and it's really getting old. Poor CrazyDog was about ready to pop, she is such a good dog, she would never make a mess in the house, but it's not good for her to wait that many hours. I intended to drive home yesterday afternoon to let her out, but I was really busy and that didn't happen. I work thirty minutes away from home, it's hard to take an hour plus and do that. I always feel so bad when I am gone for so long, but in typical dog style, she wagged and jumped and let me know she was happy to see me, but it was done on her way out the door, poor baby. When we made the decision to get dogs, all those years ago, we had three kids coming and going, all the time, and someone was always home, or would be home soon. I never gave a thought to the fact that someday we would live in this giant old house alone. I would give anything to get another puppy, I have wanted one since Snowman died, but there is no way I would even think about it with us gone for so many hours at a time. That is such an unfair thing to do to an animal. There is no such thing as doggy day-care in this area, if there was, I would use it.

It's Friday again, wasn't it just Friday? Yes, a week ago. I am slinging ice cream today, it should be a busy day, but it is supposed to rain, and that has a direct effect on the store. I will be there tomorrow and Sunday, and rain is in the forecast for the whole weekend. I don't yet know where I will be on Monday, which is funny since I do the scheduling, but getting employees in place at the beginning of each spring season is a bitch. I just know that by Sunday night, I will be lucky to still be walking. I am not good at seven days a week. OS is moving this weekend, too. So I will be plenty busy. And he has decided that he needs some furniture, so I will be couch shopping, too.

YS starts a new job today, a good job, one that I pray he really likes. I think he will---it is the kind of work that he wanted to do, so hopefully, this job will turn out to be a good thing. He will still work his mall job, he will try to do both. The hours will be rough, we will see.

I haven't seen D this week, she was unable to work at the dealership this past week, but I have talked to her several times. She is doing okay, the court date for her divorce is coming up, I will be glad when that's behind her.

I have got to cut my nails, typing this has been impossible! They have gotten so long, they look like claws. I hate the job of cutting them, but i am tired of not being able to hit the right keys, my fingers rest on one row, my nails on another. I backspace more than I type forward, but that is sort of like my life, one step forward, two steps back. I'm outta here---hope your day is wonderful!

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Amanda said...

That was a very long day. CrazyDog sounds like such a sweetie!

I don't yet know where I will be on Monday, which is funny since I do the scheduling

I had to LOL at that. Sounds too familiar. :D