Friday, March 02, 2007

Triple Three's

3:33. In the blessed am, that's when I dragged my ass out of the bed, I couldn't be there another minute longer. This week has been stressful, it's taking it's toll on me, mostly in my sleep. And in my legs and arms, but that's another story. Mom had surgery yesterday, late afternoon, it went okay, but it took twice as long as it should have. The Dr has concerns that she won't heal correctly, and said that he won't let her leave until he is SURE that she will, so she could be at the hospital for quite awhile. This news will crush her when she finds out. We waited all day for the surgery, they kept her in limbo, no food, no COFFEE, and it kept getting pushed back. I understand that hospitals have priorities, and I know they should, I would want my emergency, life threatening surgery family member to be first-that makes sense. It's just that they have screwed her around in every other possible way, too. She has now had THREE major, totally knocked out, surgeries within the past four weeks. Yesterday, the anesthesia-oligist could not find any record of the drug they had used in the past two, anywhere in their records. Nothing in the computer, no information, no record of her, at all. I wonder if they will lose the records that preclude them getting paid? Somehow, I think not. The hospital that she in is supposed to be the best in the state. I would hate to see the worst. In any event, it went relatively okay, took way longer, was behind before they even started, so when she was finally out and awake, we had to hurry and leave, as they were talking of closing all highways in and out of the big city, due to the storm. All interstates were already closed. I don't remember ever hearing of that. We were not prepared to stay, H had been kind enough to come and pick me up when he closed his place of business due to the weather, and I was quite grateful that he was willing as I couldn't stand the idea of her having that kind of procedure without me there. In any event, we were not willing to stay in the big city, and crazydog was here, impatiently waiting to go out and pee. So we left. It was a white-knuckle drive, to say the least. What normally takes about and hour and twenty, took two and half. I guess when the governor issues a statement to the effect that all citizens of this fair state need to be OFF all roads, streets, and highways, he probably means it, not that I would listen to that fat slob. But we did make it home. In one piece. I was happy to be here, for a change. The wind has literally howled all night, it sounds like it is going to come through these ancient walls. It's hard to hear anything in this century-plus old huge brick monstrosity, but last night I heard it. All night long. Damn. Getting around this morning could be interesting. I'll let you know. Over and Out.

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