Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm not ready to make nice

What a Friday. While I was at the hospital on Thursday (blizzard day), the power in the town in which I work went out. Owner decided that under the circumstances, no lights, no heat, no computers, imminent weather doom, that he would just close the business, and call it a day. When we reopened on Friday, the entire computer system was on the fritz. It is ALWAYS fun to have to deal with no computer system first think in the morning....not one thing can be accomplished until the operating system is back in place. That generally takes for freakin' ever, on the phone with tech support, crawling around on the floor checking this server, and that server, and "what little red light, no it's not blinking, and it isn't red, it's blue, no there is no red light, oh THAT red light, I am looking at the wrong machine...."Good times. Not that it was ME crawling around....But I had to see that it GOT done. But the day did eventually get rolling, and I accomplished alot. I had the pleasure of telling a complaining (habitual) customer not to bring her car back to our place of business, not that i get any joy out of dealing with irrational customers, some days, dealing with the public is so stressful. Then, the printers decided it was time for them to take a dump, and I gave up on the day. So today, if I want to pay anyone, I will have to call our wonderful, helpful, tech support once again. The weather is complete shit, have I mentioned that I HATE winter? No more snow in the forecast today, wind should die down a little, Geez. My Mom is doing pretty well, as good as she can for the mess she is now in. I have got to get there today or tomorrow. It sounds like even under the best of circumstances, she is still looking at at least five more days there, and she is so tired of it. I am tired of going there myself, I can only imagine how sick of the whole thing she is. I am out of writing inspiration, I will talk to you later. Hope your day is a good one.

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