Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Early to bed, early to rise, makes you really boring....

I made it MOST of the day today, longer than I thought I might, anyway. So that's good. I am home now, after a pain pill or two, and a brown bottle or two, I feel better. I worked hard today, but it was of the sitting-in-the-big-office-chair variety. Easier on the body, but hard for me to give in and believe I CAN'T do something. I have never taken well to can't and I won't stand for anyone to tell me I won't. Including my body---and I'll bet you I will win, one way or another. I keep trying, at least. If you ever find me giving in, to anything, then I guess you will have found me dead. A bit of a ridiculous attitude for a woman in her mid forties,(okay, mid to LATE forties, let's get technical now, geez) but it is one that has made me do things that others never thought i could, including myself. I guess we are all driven by something, and it might as well be sheer stubborn-ness. Stubborn-ity. Whatever. I did have a good day, however, not counting the pain. How about you?

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