Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chicken and feathers

I clicked on my blog page this morning, and the google ad that I get paid to have there was for "gay-friendly" auto buying. Gay friendly? I'm all for being friendly to gays, I really am. I don't car what or who you are, it has never made any difference to me. I just didn't know that they needed a place to buy cars that is just for them. Will I see an ad on my page for "hetero-friendly" auto buying next? Why does there need to be a difference, a distinction? I have never had a customer come into my dealership and announce the need for either one, and i don't really understand the why of this, usually after the car has been purchased, you don't see the customer, at least in the sales department, until they need another car. The gay-friendly auto place is maybe providing a more "social" setting? Maybe it's like a singles bar/dealership, where you can buy a car, find a soulmate? Hmmm.... Could be a good idea, although in podunk, midwest, it would probably be one lonely bitch of a place. Not that there aren't gay people out there, it's just that there aren't many people out there at all, of any sexual persuasion. And not that it has anything to do with the current subject, but I did find out I am "one hot little number" to ex-cons and eighty year olds. Whoo-hoo.

OS is moving this week. Again. Although, he has been living in his current location for nearly a year, a record among my children, recently anyway. So guess what I will be doing this weekend? He doesn't have much in the way of furniture, although moving all those damned weights and benches and exercise equipment will be fun. Oh, and his new place is on the third floor. Yeah! He is lacking in alot of "normal" things that most of us wouldn't dream of living without, but he really and truly is a "guy", and isn't interested in kitchen things, or cooking things, (other than a microwave) , or furniture, or anything that I would like to go buy for him. He is leaving a roommate and will be living on his own, and roommate had most of the stuff I am referring to, but OS won't let me go get him anything. He has heavy gym equipment, six gazillion basketballs, and enough basketball shoes to open his own shoe store. If he would sell his shoes, he would have a huge down payment on a house, and someday, that's his plan. I guess. Have you ever wondered what the hell your kids were THINKING? But anyway...

I am walking a little better today, hopefully I will be able to get in a couple of miles this afternoon, the pain is still there, but better. Work has been very busy, and that's a wonderful thing---this time of year can be iffy. Chicken one week, feathers the next. Have a good day.

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Amanda said...

Gay-friendly?! LOL. Naw...I saw an ad about people having problems sleeping. I clicked on it but it was for earplugs. Unfortunately the noise outside is not my problem.