Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The international day of love

Happy V day, to all of those it matters to. I used to like it, but not so much anymore. I'm sure it's a relative thing, it only applies when you are feeling the love. For me right now, I'm not. I didn't invest one single dime in the BIG RED this year, usually I buy him a card or candy or some little something, but i told him to save his money and I would do likewise. It's become a matter of show, with no real feeling behind it. So it doesn't matter. I did buy each of the kids candy from and had it delivered to them. They were appreciative, except for OS, and i knew he would complain about the candy, as he has no self control with it, and is always watching his weight/health/bmi/orsomefuckingthing. He is tall and thin as a rail, with huge muscles, and shouldn't worry about any of that, but like the rest of the family, when he's in to something, he's all the way in. I applaud that, and him in general. Last Easter I learned my lesson however, and there won't be one that goes by without something from me. It will look pretty funny when they are over the age of fifty and still getting Easter baskets from mom, but whatever.

YS and GF are upstairs, they only arrived an hour or so ago, they are waiting for GF's sister to have a baby, have been for many hours, and came here to get a little sleep. GF is so excited, she will be a wonderful aunt. And Mom someday. It was happy to see them, it's been awhile. They called early last evening, I told them I would leave the light on for them (just like motel 6)but then I woke up at 2:30 and they hadn't been here yet, but they walked in right after. I think they both thought that this baby-having business would go quicker, boy-do they have alot to learn, teehee.

I have been stuck in limbo all week at work, I met with the cpa a week ago today, and I can progress no further on last year, or even on January of this year without a couple of numbers from him, and I still don't have them. I guess I will have to call him this am and remind him that I am still waiting. Today will be a short one for me, however, I am leaving mid-afternoon to drive to close-by town to take care of some business for Owner, and to visit my Mom, as she lives in the same town. It's a good thing, as I have been awake since I woke up at 2:30, and I cannot go back to sleep. I am going to be tired. I hate when I do that, I have no idea what the problem is-I am in pain, but that is nothing new.

I had a blast from the (recent) past walk through the dealership yesterday, or someone that looked alot like someone else. I had to do a doubletake, he looked so much like D's soon to be XH, and it made me sad. Just for a second. How can things go all the way to shit so quickly? She thinks that I don't feel anything about him or the lack of "them" anymore, she is so wrong, but there is no use in crying and carrying on about it. But it did hurt. Well off to do something worthwhile, I would like to sleep another hour or so, as it is now just after four. Later.

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