Friday, January 12, 2007

They call him the IDEA man, he wears a lightbulb for a hat.

By the time i dragged my worn out, tired old ass in the door last night, I was nearly comatose. Nearly. What a day----was it a full moon? I really don't think it was, or we are now having one every week, but I swear, all people were on crack. All of them, Customers, employees, Owners, oh Lord, especially Owners. It was his "idea day". Thank the Lord, they come around only once in about five years. Evidently, he sleeps, eats and shits ideas, all of which i am supposed to implement. By five o'clock. Some really are pretty good, at least I think they are, I might know for sure if he could slow his little brain down and tell me the whole idea, before the next brilliant streak of light flashes in his head, and a new one pops out! On his idea days, he will speak in monosyllables, walk forty miles an hour, talk in a squeaky voice, and basically spew high pitched verbal vomit, all the while on the go, and I am supposed to 1. catch and understand all of (them) it. and B. Implement each one while walking beside him, or behind him, as it were. This is supposed to be accomplished while I am putting out the fires that have been started in the service department and left for me to deal with, while I am apologizing profusely to the camera man that has been waiting on Owner for more than two hours even though he had an APPOINTMENT to shoot the commercial for the local tv station, because Owner really just isn't "ready" to do it. and 3.Dealing with the salesmen in my office, on the phone, etc. and OH, yes, I really do have my own JOB there. And it has nothing to do with any of the above, and right now, it is the MOST critical job in the place, next to the salespeople, of course. And there were a few employee personal crisis', and a shootout with a customer, she won of course, she was about eighty. But, Lord, I could have cried when I got home, and I have to say, I had a couple of drinks, and they were damned good, diet or not, I had earned them. I watched the office, and I died. And today, I have the pleasure of doing it all over again. Geez....

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