Monday, January 22, 2007


It has been a long day, with NOTHING to show for it. We drove all the way to the big city for Mom's surgery, along with all the rest of the family, and she was bumped. BUMPED. Like out of an airplane seat. Hr dr came out to talk with all of us, (he looked like he was about seven and a half) and said that his schedule was messed up, and that if we waited, it would be well after midnight before he got to her. She was scheduled for noon! So, he admitted her, and she will go to surgery about noon tomorrow. It was probably for the best, she didn't look well at all, and this way, they can keep an eye on her beforehand. So, it was okay. I have had a terribly rough day, i have felt horrible. So this day has been a bust. I will go to work tomorrow for a little while and then leave for the hospital midmorning. Hurray. Later.

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