Monday, January 01, 2007

Stiches in time? No, in the chin....

A new beginning, a new start, blah blah blah. It's another day, rolled into a long fucking string of days upon days upon days. I have to say that the last string of 365 was better than the previous string, and i look for this to be even better. My concern is that they all fly by so fast, between one holiday season and the next is a blink. Old age, I know, but honestly---aside from my age, I really believe that time is going faster. I know that isn't possible, that time is time, but i think it has something to do with the world today, the technology, all things seem to go faster. I just want to stop the world and get off for awhile, look at all of it with a new perspective, to have the time to digest all of it, before we all get moved into the next time period.

I think i may be feeling better today, i am not sure yet, although i have been awake since three, sleep for me is hit and miss recently. YS just called me, yes it is before five am, and he had fallen and split his chin open, apparently jaw bone is hanging out, should he get stitches? uhmm, YEA. No, he didn't sound loaded, (it is still new years eve if you're 21) but the parking lot at his apartment complex is a sheet of ice, and he fell. It will be fun to go to the emergency room at five am in new years day...of course, he has no insurance. He is worried because he has a job interview tomorrow, wondered what he would tell them-then decided he would tell them that he got in a fight with his previous kids are crazy, I tell ya. That one is always hurt, always at the emergency room, always something. So much like his father, I think he holds the record for number of emergency room visits, even to this day.

I hate the pillsbury dough boy, just thought i would tell you. He really pisses me off.

Guess I will try to go back to bed, although I am betting that my night is finished. To those that really care that this is a new year, I wish you a great one. For me, I want a quiet, calm, problem-free one. I want my kids all employed (ALL-yes that means you, too, OS) and doing well, i want their lives to settle down, so i can worry about my own again. Assuming i still have one, it's been so long since i could worry about my own. I want prosperity, and dignity, and quiet. No too much, right? Later.

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