Monday, January 22, 2007

The saints, went marching out....

I am already so sick of presidential political ads and news stories, and we are two years away from the swearing in of the new man/woman! Woman, that is hard to imagine. Not as long as it's Hillary, if I have anything to say about it. Rice, now that would be a great first woman president. The problem is, she's not running. At least not yet, and I really don't think she will. If the first woman president happened to be black, now wouldn't that be awesome? Is this country ready for that? I sure as hell hope so, although sometimes where i live, it's like being thrown back into the 1800's, no progress, such small minded folk. It's hard to tell where the real world is, but I certainly hope the main stream is farther along than podunk. One thing that EVERYONE absolutely agrees on, IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE. Amen, brother.

My day yesterday went well, although as predicted, the guest of honor didn't show. We did get quite a lot of snow, and my sis and her family came, on time even, and she lives in the same town as my mom, I guess my mom just really didn't want to venture out. I was really hoping she would be here, I wanted to take her mind off of todays events, and I didn't talk to her again, but i am sure she spent the day worrying about all of it. But we had a good time in spite of all that, my dinner was good, we laughed alot, although H just sat there like a lump, I am beginning to worry about him. Everyone left relatively early and i was happy about that. I missed D, she did call a time or two.

My right hand is hurting pretty bad this morning, it's making typing pretty difficult. I think it's from peeling potatoes, my first finger is quite swelled. The same as the first toe on my right foot as a matter of fact, and I don't think that has anything to do with potatoes.

We watched the second half of the colts/patriots game, I really enjoyed it, and was happy to see the colts win, I like the patriots, but they have been there so many times lately, so anyway, I was happy with the outcome. I really do like football, and I don't know why I don't pay more attention, only that it clashes with Nascar. I used to be a football freak, and Denver fan all the way, but that was back when Elway wasn't ancient. Or me, either.

I am wishing today was behind all of us, I pray that everything goes just fine, this is a relatively easy procedure for anyone but my mom, and things just never go right for her. There will be a crowd at the hospital, I hate that part. My older sis will be there and she certainly should, but my younger one is bringing the whole fammed damily, and that means the two year old as well as the sixteen year old, and the H, of course. My mom's best friend and her husband, R, of course, i think ten of us in all, that seems a little excessive, if it were me, I would just want a couple of people waiting on me, this isn't a party. But whatever. I will keep you posted. One thing I know for sure is, this will be a long day. Over and Out.

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