Thursday, January 18, 2007

The rubber chicken house should have rubber walls.

It was quite a night here in the rubber chicken household. Crazydog was doing what she does best, and it was really pissing me off - H was still MOVING things from there to there. Let me out, let me in, let me out, let me in....the temp was below zero, and I am hobbling around, at best. She WAS NOT going to rest until H was in, and all things were where they should be. He finally got in about two forty-five, I wasn't too far off in my prediction. I felt bad for him, I know how tired he was. He will have to get up pretty soon, I have a dr appt in the big city and I cannot take myself as it is with an eye specialist and I will be effectively blind for awhile when I leave there. I dread it myself, I am not physically up to going, hobbling is still what I am doing, and the pain is setting back in. I would postpone it again, but I need the pills that the other doctor won't give me until it is decided WHY my optic nerve is so badly damaged. This is all such a mess, I am already tired of the doctor bullshit, and I have only been back on that bandwagon for a few weeks. I still have several test and appt's scheduled, I don't know if I can do this again.

I am sad that the great BP passed away on Tuesday (Benny Parsons). He was a great NASCAR racer, a great example of humility, and a true champion. I have always loved him, since way back in the 70's. He ranked right up there for me with the likes of Dale Sr, R Petty and others. I have been reading all the remarks that have been made by the general public as well as those that knew him best-his colleagues. Apparently, my opinion of him is all that there is out there, and we all know how hard it is to be liked by EVERYBODY in any capacity, not to mention that in the ultra-competitive sport of auto racing it is unheard of. I had known that he was quite ill but I, like so many others including Benny himself, believed that he was beating it. He will honestly be missed. And that is saying alot. I will miss him being the commentator and tv announcer for my races on Sundays. I am ready for them to begin again, it will only be a few weeks until the Bud Shootout. I know, I am so NOT a girl, but racing is my one true love. I can't help it, I came by it honestly, and since I am not a girl in any other traditional sense of the word, why should I be about this? My father raced EVERYTHING. I was always around it, and even after he was no longer in my life, I searched it out and got involved in it again. I have never wanted to be a driver (okay so for maybe a short period of time when I was young I did)but I frankly believe that women should have no place in traditional racing, I am all for equality and all that bullshit, but let's face it, women as a rule are not strong enough, were not built for it, and only prove to get in the way. The few that have tried, other than perhaps Muldowney, (and she was a drag racer, and I know that is certainly not easy but it does not require the tenacity of a five hundred mile race) have made asses of themselves and an ass of the sport in general - case in point-Erin Crocker, who is currently using all of her talent to screw the boss. In any event, just my opinion, and we all know I am nobody. But I WILL be happy to have my Nascar back, Sundays just aren't the same without it. I was looking forward to getting back to the local sprint car track this year as well, as I no longer have to worry about someone that i personally care about being hurt out there(the soon to be ex son in law was a racer and he officially retired from the sport) but now Owner is planning on driving minimally, and I don't know if that will interfere with all of it for me or not. Onward....

I suppose I need to get my ass in gear, man that is going to be a job this morning, I am just not well at all. I hope your day is good. Later----

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