Thursday, January 04, 2007

of Cabbages and Kings... least favorite day of the week, next to Monday, of course. It is a 12 hour day, and tonight could even be longer, as I have that computer download to do, it still pisses me off that I have to do it. But that's another story.... On a positive note, I don't have any "help" today, and that really should be a help. Teehee. I worked hard yesterday, but accomplished little, there was too much activity all over the place, and I had several "issues" to handle along the way. I really do have to spend some time organizing today, I am not even sure what the hell I should do next. My office looks like a bomb went off in it and that is not productive for me, I cannot work in a mess. The dis-organization is due to changing file cabinets over from full, to moving alot of older records to the storage facility, to throwing alot of no longer necessary stuff into the garbage, and that requires looking through most of it, and putting it into some kind of organized storage box, and that is no longer my strong suit, although it really used to be. I started off keeping track of everyone's shit, now I need someone to keep track of mine, hence my assistant, and GF's part time, temporary job. In the meantime, I am working in the fricking aftermath of a tornado or hurricane. And that is NOT conducive to good, productive work. So today, I will have to sort of organize the organization, or some fucking thing. Onward...

I was informed yesterday that GF has quit her job. And if you remember, YS got fired. So NO ONE is working in that household. They are both GOING to find jobs...yes, I'm sure they will. In the meantime, I am having a breakdown. And handing over money. And agreeing to buy D's furniture, which is really beautiful, and son of a bitching, fucking, HEAVY, but that's another story, as well. So, I will have some really beautiful, fucking HEAVY, furniture. That I have no place for. No problem. I can sleep on it. Or perhaps, lounge on it. Or put my washing machine on it. Or rip out my leaking dishwasher, and shove it into the hole that will be gaping. I could maybe, perhaps, shower with it. No matter, it's all good. I am going to try to find a buyer, and she is practically giving it away. Seriously. So if you need a HUGE, motherfucking entertainment center, or a HUGE motherfucking dining table and six chairs, DO let me know.

Gotta run, or hobble, as it were. Have a great one. Over and Out.

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