Thursday, January 04, 2007

SFSG (so far so good)

Six-thirty on Thursday evening, and all is well. I haven't blown up our computer server or any of the software yet, but the keyword is yet. It actually is going pretty well, and although the instruction book that came with the download has more than forty pages and FIVE (count 'em, FIVE) download cd's. It is not going as the book says, but hey, what frickin' instructions are ever right? I am keeping my fingers crossed, just for a little good measure. We will see.

D called, school accepted her, as if that were a surprise, and a transfer on the job will probably be a possibility. Things are falling into place for her, so the current plans must be the right thing for her. That's all good news. I wish things would fall into place for the youngest and company, but perhaps they will. I think they are trying, anyway. I just keep praying.

I will let you know more later, back to babysitting the friggin' server. Ciao.

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