Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Longer

All of you think I can fix it, and why not? I have been "fixing it" for years. I will use my skills at making problems go away to the fullest extent, and I will fix it. I always have, I cannot continue. I am tired. I am not superwoman, I do not have anything that the rest of you don't. I am just a problem solver, and i only use rationale and common sense, and I weigh one side against the other. Here is choice a, here is choice b. Obviously, b is the better choice. Quit thinking about it, obsessing over it, just do it, consider it done. Is that so unusual? So hard for the rest of the world to do? It is now causing me issues. I cannot continue. I want to be un-elected, I want someone else to take my place. I am retiring. Officially.

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