Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Electric pajamas

And drink I did, TWO-count 'em, two beers. And they were good. It was quite a day, and I would love to tell you that a day like that is unusual, but they have become the norm, and it's no wonder I am losing my frickin' mind. Seriously. I cannot have one complete thought these days, before the next interruption/crisis. I am so very behind in all that I have to do, and all that i have to do is so complicated, so messed up, so impossible to complete, because what I am being asked to do is unreasonable, and while it may be POSSIBLE, I don't see how it's going to make any sense to anyone that had been trained to understand. I am not that smart and I can see that it isn't going to work, hell Ray Charles could see it, even from his current location. But because I am a good little employee, I will do what I am told, even though this kind of garbage makes me look like a complete idiot, totally incompetent, and who knows, maybe I am. I do have lines that I won't cross however, and I have to admit, I haven't been asked to. I don't like doing work that matters, only to feel that the quality is crap, I am better than that. Garbage in, garbage out. Intentionally???? WTF?

Totally exhausted upon walking in the door last night, the freakin' temperatures were nearly zero, not my idea of a good time, I couldn't get warm enough, I want electric pajamas. I hate being cold, it goes to the bone, and takes forever to warm me back up. Apparently this cold weather will stay with us for awhile, I am prepared to be miserable for awhile. Talk about miserable - H is with Owner at a sale in Minneapolis, left at three thirty this morning, how MISERABLE would that be? It's colder there. But no worry, he wore his elmer fudd hat, the one that I have refused to be seen with him in, the one that makes him look like the crazy little old man, it has EAR FLAPS, it is green, it is hideous. He will not wear a normal hat, I have given up. On alot of things. His cold head is only one of them. Tomorrow he has the pleasure of helping D move. Again. Enough said.

Off to my day. Lovely, beautiful, snowy, wonderful, frigid, motherfucking Tuesday. At least it's not Monday. Later.

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