Sunday, January 28, 2007

No Life. None.

Here I sit at work, at ten o'clock in the blessed am on a SUNDAY. What's wrong with this picture? Honestly, should I not have more of a life than this? But, I DO need to get some things done, and this is just about the only day that I can be left to my own devices, although you would be surprised how many people come and go thru here on a Sunday. H came with me as he has alot to do for his own business, plus I just don't think he wanted to stay home alone. I really appreciate having him here, he is a big help. It is a cold mofo today, I hate winter. Have I mentioned that before? I have decided that the miracle pills have to go, I am getting fat, and I am doing nothing to warrant that. Just the opposite, in fact. So, if I sound suicidal within the next few days, take heart, it will only be temporary, at least I hope that's the case. Best sign off now, things to do, people to see....Later.

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