Monday, January 29, 2007

Slosh Slosh Slosh

It's four o'clock in the morning. We slept in the waterbed for some unknown reason, it was just there. It was an interesting night, slosh, slosh, H doesn't stay still for too long, slosh. Crazydog was quite sure that WE were the crazy ones, she slept in front of the fan in the master bedroom, as always. I am tired, cannot sleep any longer, this will be a really long day. I worked for five hours yesterday, and got a good bit of work done. It was so cold, I really wanted to be home under the covers, but I persevered. I am feeling pretty rough this morning, my legs are protesting me asking them to work. Monday again, a long, long day. No one is coming in to "help" me today, so my work level should be higher. I guess I will talk more later, I think I might lay back down. Like YS and GF always say - WORD. What the hell does that mean? Later.

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