Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The beat goes on....

I don't know if this post is being written in vain, as finding my blog this morning was a bit of a chore. It apparently is lost, unless the reader can sign in. So, who knows, I will live dangerously and give it a try.

I have not written much the past few days, I have had so much going on in my head, and it's been hard to isolate one subject. I am covered up at work, as I knew I would be, and that's where most of my energy is being spent at the moment, not that it's helping much, as it seems the faster I go, the less I accomplish. GF is helping me with the book work, and that really is a help, but there have been so many other things happening there, as well. It is starting to get to me, and at times I think if I had a bomb, I would just blow the damned place up, but then I would be working in a tent down on the lot corner, and I would really have it rough then. So I guess I'd better just shut up about it, as it is quite cold these past few days, and a tent really doesn't sound like fun.

My kids are all causing me concern, although that doesn't sound like it's any different than usual. I am just wondering when things MIGHT calm down a little in their lives, so that maybe I can breathe. I know that isn't fair, I shouldn't want things to settle in THEIR lives for ME, but all of it has been overwhelming of late. D has had many decisions to make, and I know she is afraid of all of them, but honestly, of all the things that have been going on, I am worried the least about all of that. Since I am aware that she reads this blog faithfully, let me say here that all things will come together. All of them. You stand to lose little if this really isn't the right move for you, and you could gain alot. Take the chance and revel in doing so, there really are few times in most lives that this can be accomplished. It will work out. If it doesn't, what has been lost? The only true failure in life is being too afraid to try something new. The only drawback that I can see is that you will be so far away from me. But even then, I will still see you regularly. Stop worrying. Get your ass busy and get the work done. Settle it in your mind and let it the hell go. Be smart with your money and take care of the legal issues that are going to follow you. You will feel better. Handle it. Get over it. Move on. Enough said?

The other two have issues that I am too tired to discuss this morning. Both need jobs, and one doesn't realize it. I suppose these things shall pass, but in the meantime, ugh.

I have issues regarding my health that I am too weary to put into words, but I am leading up to tying it all into a neat little package, and I want to get that behind me. Another time.

I'm off to get my day going. The diet is going okay, although the walking hasn't been accomplished for a couple of days. H is gone to Florida, will be back sometime this evening (?). Will talk later.

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