Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain...

It was a long, but okay day. H is home, so Crazydog can relax, and maybe all of us can get some sleep tonight. H drove straight through from Fort Lauderdale,got off the plane and picked up the car at six last night, drove into the driveway just after four pm today. Crazy. He has been up since six yesterday morning, and looks quite tired. Crazy dog was pretty good last night, but she kept waking me with a subtle punch to the side of my face saying "you are sleeping, and my dad's not home yet. Why aren't you worried, too?" I tried to explain, but she was having none of it. She finally slept well after I had given up at three-thirty this morning. Geez. It was a busy day at the garage, at least for me, but the progress is s-l-o-w. Soon, very soon, I will be taking a short vacation, to celebrate getting all this shit done. Sometime in Feb. Don't know what we will do, but we will do something. I'm off to the couch, I did manage to walk a little more than two miles today, and my legs really feel it. Later. Oh yea, where the hell is spellcheck---it won't work, and now i look illiterate!

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