Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Tis the season to be Jolly

Another day, another dollar, so the saying goes. I am pissy today, it was a rotten night, slept really hard early one, then slept little. I feel like ass this morning, and really look like it, too. I hate when things at home aren't good, it makes EVERYTHING look bad. I get so tired of H, I talk and talk, but i rarely get answers, such as yesterday, he could have easily told me he would rather do his thing, I would have thought nothing of it, and we could have avoided what turned out to be a big, balled-up mess. But that is common between us. I really think he feels he has to do what I want - that is SO not the case. If it had been that important to me to go as planned yesterday, I obviously would have gone without him. I didn't. It wasn't like we spent the evening arguing about it, we actually spent the evening not talking at all. And that sucks. He is having problems of his own, I know he is because he has told me about them, but all he has to do is voice his issues, I will respond accordingly. Just don't leave me wondering what the hell the problem is, TALK to me. I will not pry, I will not judge, just TALK to me. I can't tell you the times that i have told him - I feel like hell, my mood is bad, I can't say why because I have no idea. That at least lets him know that whatever is wrong with me has not been caused by him. No need to be a total ass about it. Enough said.

YS should get his regular drivers license back today, and if that happens I probably will see him this afternoon. It seems ages since I have laid my eyes on that cute little shit. OS was summoned into traffic school by the DOT, he got a ticket a couple of months back for going TWENTY NINE over the speed limit, and as a result, he is now on driving probation. No moving violations for 12 months, or he will lose his license for six months. Fucking swell. Both of them are on that now-in 2005, I drove BOTH of them around. I don't think I could do that again.

My stomach is still not right. Over the years I have had several ulcers, perhaps I am developing one again. I get so tired of all the bullshit.

Guess I'd best get moving. Hope your day is great, I will settle for mediocre. Later!

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SOUL: said...

that wife an hubby mood thing...
i TOTALLY understand!