Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A great day, Oh yeah.

So today has been rather fucked up. That's right, fucked up. I had this great IDEA that instead of waiting until the weekend to go to the big city and do some shopping for the HO HO HO, that we could go today. Owner was in today,he's leaving tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to miss work until next week. SO I call H, and he agrees, today would be better. I ask him to meet me at job, and we will leave from there. I call YS and GF and set up dinner with them. H is later than I expect him to be, and madder than hell when he did arrive. Not to mention, dressed in his oldest work clothes. I ask what the problem is, he says he has no problem. I try again, still there is no problem with him. He just looks like he is about to blow a gasket. So I say "I gave you the opportunity to say that you really would rather wait until the weekend, we TALKED about this". He just grunts and says "we can go." I then stated that I was really looking forward to an afternoon and evening with him in his current mood, and asked what he was planning to do before I called, (although I asked that on the phone, as well). He said he was going to scrape wallpaper. I told him to go do that, then. He said he would, and LEFT! SO fuck him.
Completely. Really completely. Sometimes I hate being married. Later.

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SOUL: said...

sorry .
but you know, i kinda am stirring that same pot o' shit at the moment!
oh well
such is the married life---apparently.