Tuesday, December 26, 2006

There's got to be a morning after,

Good Morning, Blogging Friends. The day after, and a relief to have it behind me, and i'm only a little let down. After Christmas let- down has always been a problem for me, the excitement is over, the gifts have been opened, all the wonder of the day is gone. This year, very little let-down, as there was very little anticipation. I felt completely uninspired about the gifts that I gave, so it's all okay. However, there was much excitement from the recipients---all things that really didn't do much for me, apparently did quite alot for them. That part was unexpected, and wonderful. My food turned out very well, my house looked quite beautiful, everyone was here within a reasonable and expected amount of time. I enjoyed the company of each and everyone. All in all, a very blessed Christmas. Every one is gone back to their own places this morning, it is almost back to normal here. If I can muster the energy, the tree and all decorations will come down today. I am quite worn out, as i expected that I would be. It was worth it, in every way. I will write more about it later, right now, I am headed back to bed. Later!

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