Friday, December 15, 2006

Rolling along

Friday Friday Friday-supposed to be the best day of the week, I sure could use a "best day". This has been a very stressful week, one little problem after another. On the job, it seriously has gone from this issue to that one, pissy customers, pissy employees, a pissy owner, who still has not figured out that our service department is at the mercy of our parts houses. You would think that after 30 years in the business, he would understand that i cannot shit parts, the same way that I cannot shit money. But no matter.

EVERYONE but D was in the garage yesterday, OS, YS and GF, H was working in the back. Needless to say, getting much done before five pm was an impossibility. Today, I will barricade the door. See above, although, I probably could do without the blinking light.
Last night while at work, I was standing the service department, looking out the window in the garage door. A hurt, limping kitty came through the lot. I went out to see what was wrong with it, it cried, and then ran from me. I tried again, got down and looked under the vehicle it was hiding under. It hissed and cried, and REALLY ran from me. I am still disturbed by it, I wish I had chased it further, but I have been torn up by scared kitty's before, it was dark, and on and on. Now I wish I had tried harder. I really don't think I could have caught up with it, if I could have found it in the dark,and if its leg was broken, it wasn't slowing it down too much. I wouldn't want the kitty, but I would have paid to fix it up. Anyway, I wish I had.
Things at home are rolling along. Not bad, not necessarily great. Just rolling along. Just like I should be. Have a wonderful day, reader.

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