Thursday, December 14, 2006

What happened to my miracle?

The evening was spent trying to decide if the miracle pills are still doing their job, I mean, my mood was ridiculously foul yesterday, am I still allowed to have those? I was told that my current dosage will most likely have to be doubled, is this the time? I do NOT like being moody, I usually do not feel as bad as I did yesterday, my patience level was zero, everyone and everything irritated the hell out of me, all my employees were looking at me like I was going to strike them. Really, I only wanted to hit one of them. But that's not unusual, I generally want to hit her. teehee. I think I may call the old dr-I'll have think it over.

Another long day today, this week has, in general, flown by. As they all seem to do. The big HO HO HO is only eleven days away, I am not ready. I cannot get motivated to wrap any of what I do have. I have a really pretty tree standing in my living room and usually, we don't bother to plug in the lights. I long for the days when I loved this whole stupid holiday, because now it is just another thorn in my side. I am hoping that the weekends shopping trip will get me excited, although I am sure that the reality of the whole shopping thing will only get me excited to drink. Sunday's post should be a good one, watch for it. My TRUE Christmas spirit will undoubtedly shine through. If you know me at all, you know that shopping, and crowds and traffic really get me wound up. Ugh.

Hope that all the readers have a really great day, today I am shooting for a wonderful one, yesterday I said I would settle for mediocre and look what happened. Geez.

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SOUL: said...

hmmmm. sounds like you were a bit scroogy here.

i sure hope a year later--- is much better for you!
(and yours)