Monday, December 04, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

In lots of pain this morning, it started Saturday night on the way home from the party - yesterday, it was bearable, last night it really got out of hand. This am is the same. I worked really hard yesterday, that prob didn't help. I got the tree up, and the decorating done. I did manage to cook a decent meal, but by the evening, I was done in. It was a multiple pain pill evening, that's pretty unusual. I am happy to have the tree up, it really looks pretty. It is no fun without kids to help-H and I just find it a chore, and a huge one at that. But I like having it here, it makes me remember so many wonderful Christmas's-when the kids were growing up, when I was growing up. Without the presence of children, it is just a huge mess that I try to get through. I have a two year old niece, and if I could, I would spoil her to death, but I don't get to see her too often, and so far, she's not that crazy about me. Maybe someday I will have a grandchild. I hope. It's Monday again, yippeeee. I would be more positive about it if I could walk, hopefully my bones and muscles will loosen up a little. H leaves for Las Vegas this afternoon - he will drive a car back for the dealership, probably won't be back until Wednesday, it will be strange to have him gone for so long. Os came home yesterday, and stayed last night, as he is going to work for me today, filling in for an employee. He will take H to the airport for me later. I think I'd better attempt to get moving - that will be a problem. Hope your day is good! Over and out.

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