Thursday, November 30, 2006


Ugh-not so great this am, too much vacation, I need a vacation. Back to work, and while I really will be happy to get back there this morning, I have to brave the elements first-ice, a little snow-doors on the car iced closed-Ugh. Yesterday was a good day, did little, just laundry. Was supposed to have dinner with mom, she wasn't up to it, and the weather would have ended that plan anyway. Two days ago it was seventy degrees in Las Vegas, this morning, here at home, it's fourteen. FOURTEEN. Shit. I hate winter, have I mentioned that before? Looks like H will be going back to Sin City the first of the week to pick up a car and drive it back-he thinks that's a fine idea, you couldn't pay me enough to got through that shit again. Well, off to the old salt mines - after I thaw out the car. UGH.

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