Friday, December 01, 2006

One good day every ten years?

Same shit-different day? Pretty much. Friday-I am all screwed up, after being gone, and off work, I really don't know what day it is. Tomorrow is the Christmas party for work - it is usually a pretty fun time. I have to get the last minute details handled today, although we go to a place that pretty much takes care of all of it. I did come up with a GREAT idea for the gift for the Owner, so I do feel better about that now. Not so hot this am, but when the hell do I feel good? It seems that I had a great Tuesday last week, and that was the first day I felt good in at least ten years, so I probably have used up my good days for awhile. I should see all three kiddos today - that will be good. Hope your day is wonderful, also. Later.

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