Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lazy afternoon.

This has been a good day, although the Christmas tree remains in the box-I guess we will try for the weekend. I am tired, and really feeling lazy. It is sleeting, we are under an ice storm warning. Swell. I hate winter, the cold, snow and ice more than anything. So, I will not be going anywhere tonight, not that i had planned to. D just called, had her first appt with the attorney, she is crying. I am sad that she is so sad - I don't know what i can do to help her. He has been such a complete stone-cold jackass since they split, it's hard for me to understand that she misses him-although I understand love. I just didn't realize that she loved him to that extent-there were problems, obviously, or they wouldn't be separated. I want her to be happy - I don't know what i can do to facilitate that. Hell. In any event, I am just sitting here, wasting time. And liking it. Talk later.

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