Saturday, November 11, 2006

A miracle.

It's Saturday and I'm at work---I'm tired, but i feel better. We did manage to go out last night, and I didn't feel too bad then. Today, I am weak and tired, but that could be because we got in after three this morning, and i had to get up for work. So...hopefully the upward trend will continue. Last night was alot of fun, H and I had a good time together, we laughed alot. I really feel pretty good about things, I know it has to be the miracle happy pills, I am really quite content and generally feel positive. That really is kind of a miracle, all kidding aside. Today is a good day, too. I have some stuff to accomplish, but not too much. D is here today, and that is nice. I like working with her. My Mom and R stopped in to see me, she seems to be doing so much better. A couple of weeks ago, she couldn't leave the house. I was happy to see her out and about. YS's back is better although when he returned to work today, he was sent home until he had a work release from his doctor. It certainly would have been better if he's known that he needed one BEFORE today. In any event, I got that handled, and H took his now-repaired car back to him, so that's taken care of, as well. I am looking forward to an evening of doing nothing with H tonight, and tomorrow is Sunday (race day) and I'll cook a decent meal. It should be a good weekend, all in all. I'll let you know how it turns out. Over and out.

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