Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Q + little R. And BS for good measure.

I missed my Q. LOL...Yes, I literally missed my Q post. Personally, I think Q is kind of  stupid letter, but there are surprisingly many, MANY Q words. I was going for QUALITY. However, I was struck down by the pain fairy. I spent the past 36 hours in agony. I am better. Not good -- I am no longer ever good -- but I can manage this morning, so here this is my Q post. Not that it has anything to do with Q, but I live by my rules. LOL

As for R:

R = Reality. REALITY.

Defined as: the state or quality of being real.

Reality is what is real, am I right? And yet, it is said by all that everyone has their own reality. How can we all have our own reality, when real is real, and our perspective can not enter into it? Perspective changes all things. Yours, mine - everyone has their own perspective. But not their own reality. Because reality is what it is. The truth and nothing but the truth. How can we find our own reality, when our perspective enters into everything we do, think, say? Supposedly, reality TV is all the rage now, but none of that is real. We all like to talk about our reality, but our view of what it is changes it from the cold hard facts to the thing we want it to be or what we see to be real. Frankly, the word reality should be taken from our vocabulary. It is not our fault. We can have the purest intentions with reality. But we cannot see the whole picture and we were made that way on purpose. I live my life with my view of reality with my perspective. Others see me differently...just the same as all of you and your lives. We go along thinking we are dealing with the truth and then someone says or does something so off the reality mark that we are left reeling. The truth remains the truth but our perspective of that truth takes a hit. Most likely the truth lies between your perspective and mine. Like good old Dr Phil says - "even a pancake has two sides". There is not two sides of reality. But our view of reality? Definitely.

Just my two cents. 

Happy Sucky Thursday. 


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I love the word Reality, for one thing I enjoy realith shows on TV, and another is living in reality,making the best of what we have, and not building castles in the air,It's good to have goals and dreams but not to let them get out of hand,

Loved your post,
PS hope you're feeling better,

Cheryl said...

Your sucky Thursday is my day off, so our perspective on that day of the week is quite different. Right? Great analysis of reality and perspective put a lot of thought into it.

As always, I hope something happens today to put a smile on your face.

Ruth said...

That is great. So many people say reality and it is their reality. Very well put!
Sorry you have been feeling so sucky.
Hopefully as it warms up you will feel better.

Sue H said...

Personally, I can't stand this so-called 'reality' TV - I can't be bothered to sit and watch 'B'-list 'personalities' having their egos massaged in public.

But, that's my own POV - I'd rather 'live' my own life than watch someone else's!

Sorry you are having a hard time - cheer up, chuck! ;-) (hugs!)

Leann said...

Wow, that took me awhile to wrap my head around. I've always believe that everyone's reality is their own. You made me think. Great post but it hurt my brain :-)

Toodles my dear *hugs*