Friday, April 22, 2011


Is it only me, or do you all find that you seek a place with no noise, no music, no distractions? I don't mean all the time, I love music and television, but sometimes I want silence. Quiet. Real noise is okay - birds, rain, thunder, wind...but no manufactured noise, and often most importantly--no voices. Have any of you noticed along with me that so many folks are talking anymore? Talking, talking, talking -- saying absolutely nothing. The world is a noisy place. I find as I age that I want quiet, sometimes. The ability to think, the chance to reflect, the time and noise level to come up with an "S" blog post.

I am a quiet person by nature. Not that I can't chat away with the best of them, but usually I prefer to be quiet, listen, learn, marvel at how stupid all the talkers all get the picture. I would like to be thought of as a woman of few words, but when I do speak, I would really like to be heard. Kind of like EF Hutton. Generally, that doesn't happen. So many are talking, never, ever listening. I am a great listener, a great question asker, and I learn so much in the process. Everyone around me is happy to oblige, because who doesn't like to talk about themselves?

I believe that talking is directly related to listening, not that they really have anything to do with the other. But no one hears, usually because they are already talking or thinking about what they will say when it is their turn, if they wait their turn. Talking over others has become accepted protocol.

Talk, talk, talk. It's all noise to me.

Silence. It really is golden.


Leann said...

I am working tonight with someone just like that. drives me crazy.

Enjoy your quiet weekend :-)

Blessings friend.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I love music as you amy have already gathered from my blog, but I always put aside an hour a day when I totally relax, I play a relaxation cd pull the cutains together and let the world carry on.

I enjoyed your post and yes silence is golden but living on my own I love to hear my music.

Thanks for your most glowing comment. very much appreciated,

Jennifer Shirk said...

I like to talk and listen to music as much as the next person, but there are times (quite often, actually) where i really do need quiet.
Sometimes my hubby will come home for lunch and he'll say, "It's like a death house around here." LOL! Just the way I like it. :)

Matt Conlon said...

As a kid, I used to watch Mr. Ed on Nick at Night, and I remember being baffled by the part of the theme that goes "But Mr. Ed will never speak unless he has something to say."

"Why would someone talk if they didn't have something to say?" I asked.

How young I was. How naive.

I find myself craving silence more often than not, these days. I KNOW the silence is here somewhere, I just can't hear it over all the noise!

Heart said...
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Ruth said...

My husband loves to talk and talk for no reason. Sometimes I just want to scream at him to shut up.

Lena said...

Yes, I agree. People talk way, way, too much these days. They have their opinions on everything even if they have no experience to draw upon.

Listening is a lost art. I am like you though. I am a great listener. I would put that on my resume, if I thought it would be valued.

The talkers get all the attention in this world. But that is OK with me, because it isn't the kind of attention I desire anyways.

I love some quiet time. I can feel it in my body when I need to turn off the TV/music, etc.

How are u feeling today?? Did the doctor ever get back to you?

sorry how my comments get posted under the name of an old blog, I never did anything with. I don't know how to totally delete it!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh I agree with you 110%. One time we had to fill out surveys for a seminar at work and for the question "what can't you live without?", I answered "Silence", which blew a lot of minds. LOL But, you would have understood it perfectly. Although I wouldn't want it all the time, I need periods of silence to 'recharge my batteries'. Excellent post.

the writing pad said...

Great post and so true! I'm lucky that I live somewhere totally quiet - but, when I do venture into society, I think I find it even more deafening. I've come to accept that I just have to listen, because I simply don't shout loudly enough (actually, or metaphorically) to have any impact whatever :-)

Snakesmom said...

At my house, if you are lucky enough to have a moment of silence it is a miracle! lol But, I do know someday, there will be a lot of quiet and I will miss the sound of kids... Great post! :)

Coffeypot said...

I am finding myself driving around without the radio on. It is peaceful that way. But noise is a part of my life, and I cannot sleep in a totally quiet room.

Kristy said...

I get most of my solitude in the morning. I can hear the wind, birds etc. I love my alone time in the mornings without all the clatter on people and animal noises

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

this post really cracked me up!

Cheryl said...

I talk for a living and the radio is always on. I love the quiet of my home.