Monday, March 28, 2011

Yep, I said WEENIE

What a weekend it was. I worked really really hard - on Sunday, and I was terribly lazy on Saturday. I had the best of both worlds. I actually went back to the gym - yeah me - and found it was not as easy as it was a few weeks ago. So, getting back there was definitely in order.

I went to my class on Saturday. I was shocked and surprised how crowded it was. I looked around the room, and there was, of course, a men to women ratio of about ten to one. The other women that were there were obviously with their husbands, or boyfriends. Most were young, there was maybe one other woman there about my age, and she was with her man. That didn't deter me in the least. I waited for the learning to begin...and that did stop me. The man teaching the class was extremely intelligent on the subject of guns and all that goes with it. He was quite eloquent in his delivery, if you can consider a regular guy in jeans and boots and NRA type t-shirt to be eloquent. He was funny, and engaging and very direct and to the point. He made it clear what good reasons are to be in that class. He listed off all of the reasons that anyone would want to be licensed to conceal and carry a weapon----anyplace, anytime. He listed the reasons that anyone would NOT want to do it. He hit home with me on many, many points---but on the reasons why I wouldn't want to. And so, I made my decision, that I was not a good candidate to do it. I left after the first half of the class. I felt very sure that I had made the right decision. To be honest, I do not want the responsibility of having a weapon on me, in my vehicle, in my home. In many ways, carrying a gun around is inviting trouble. And certainly, there are many, many new things to think about and worry about, once a gun is in your possession. At this time in my life, I am trying to get rid of things that require worry, things that require new responsibility, things that require more of me, involved. So, I felt I had made the right choice for me, and I crossed that whole subject off of my bucket list. Learning was the whole point of that class, I certainly learned. Enough said.

I have a doctor's appointment first thing this morning, downtown. Bleh. I hate driving down there on a Monday morning, what was I thinking when I made that appointment? No real reason to go, other than to explain why I cannot take either of the new meds he prescribed the last time I saw him. I always love delivering that news to a new doc---they think they are so helping me, when the truth is, I can usually actually use about two percent of the meds they try. I am a drug weenie, and always have issues with whatever they try. If I didn't have to work and use my brain every day of my life, I probably would be way more successful with it. There is a reason why someone with my issues is on disability - thinking is usually out with the medications that help. Since that is not a possibility for me, I just struggle along with the tried and true.

And enough bore for you all this morning. My life has such excitement daily----.

Oh but I did actually cook yesterday - I KNOW! Real food, and it was quite good. Here is what I threw together on the spur of the moment --- Okay, so the pic is at the top, and good old blogger won't let me move it. But hey - proof that I used to know what I was doing in the kitchen!

Have a very happy Monday - I'm gone. :)


JY said...

looks yummy.

Positive Thoughts said...

I need followers. Please follow my blog I will appreciate it. Thanks and God bless you.

Mary said...

I also refused conceal and carry. I am familiar with handguns and can shoot but I don't want the burden of a lethal weapon.

Lena said...

Sounds like you made the right decision. Good for you.

Food looks so yummy.

Hope your week is a good one!

Coffeypot said...

I think you should have finished the class. You don't have to carry a gun around, you can keep it locked up in your house, but IF you are ever in danger you will know how to use it. Better them being dead fast and easy than you being hurt or worse.

C.A. said...

Hope you have a good week, Jamie. :) The food looks delicious and you have to make the decision that feels best to you as far as the Gun thing. God, I hate going to the Doctor, for the very reason you just described!

Big Hugs....


Cheryl said...

I left a comment for you this morning, and it's not here. I did it from my phone...must have been my fault. And it was a good one. Darn.

Hope the rest of your day was good :))

smocha said...

My aunt, in her 60's carries a gun in her purse. Knowing what an airhead she is,that scares the crap out of me .

I don't think I'd want that either. Maybe one in my nightstand .....or maybe I'll stick with the knife under my pillow :)

Jules said...

I carry a gun and have a permit. But hey, I live in the wild west. it's expected.

Happy Monday Jamie!!