Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday stuff

Yea....Friday! I love Friday. Generally a pretty easy day on the J-O-B. Hopefully, the garage at work will be finished putting a head gasket in the new car bought for Jordy. That would be really good, so that I can have my car back and stop driving the loaner car provided by the service department. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to have anything that gets me from point A to point B---but I have had it for a week. I don't want to drive it over another weekend. Yes, I could give it to Jordy to drive, yes, that makes perfect sense, and certainly he is more than willing. But - should anything go wrong while he was driving a car provided by my place of employment --- you all see what I mean, right? I have (finally) been educated at the school of Prevent Problems. So, yes--I could have a problem with the car, I don't mean that, and I also don't mean that Jordy isn't responsible or not a good driver, he is both. But if I am going to get into hot water on the J-O-B, it will be because of something I have done, not something that happened involving one of my kiddos. So...yes - service department, please get his car finished today. A head gasket---- ugh. I KNOW! Shouldn't have happened in the first place, and new/old man, whom I bought the car from, was appropriately shocked. He had no idea the car had a problem, and we all know that when we buy used, we buy blind. So there you go. Bleh.

Tuesday, there were tornadoes in this general area. Thursday, it snowed. It's snowing now. Freakin' Iowa Spring Weather. Boo.

Tomorrow, I have a conceal and carry class - I have no idea what to expect. But it is FIVE hours long. What on earth can be taught for five hours? Of course, I know nothing, with a big, fat capital N. So, whatever can be taught to me probably better be, so I don't blow my own head off. :)

The rest of the weekend belongs to me. No plans...and I don't want any. This has been a rough week---sinus, ear infections are not fun and I have fought it all week long. The antibiotic I am on causes stomach distress and I still have almost a week of pills left.

Mark found a perfect car for the older son - Craig, who has been needing a different one for some time now. I am so excited that he took the lead on this deal - both boys are/will be paying for them, but over time. It really helps me out a LOT. Craig will fly home on the 10th of May, stay a few days and then drive it back. That gives us time to get it checked out well and cleaned up - it needs some tlc. Other than that, it seems to be pretty good, affordable transportation. I can't wait to see him - but it's still about six weeks away. He is very busy at work, and April is the busiest month he has there, so May it has to be. I bought his ticket home yesterday. The flights seemed to be more than reasonable in cost, I was expecting it to be much more after listening to the news recently. So that is another good thing.

And I am off - to get this Friday party started. Have a very great day. :)


Cheryl said...

Your weekend is here! Busy tomorrow with the class, then relax. Do you relax? I hope you're not sick and your pain is in check. Enjoy!!

C.A. said...

Thinking of you, Girly girl. Sending you healthy, peaceful weekend kind of thoughts. Big Hugs....

Leann said...

I hope your weekend is everything you hope it to be. You will be surprised at the amount and type of information you will get tomorrow. The laws regarding gun use, the proper time to use it, keep it locked away...yada yada yada. Interesting class!!

kristi said...

We are giving our daughter hubby's old truck. We just got a tune up and a few other things done and now want to get it painted. Have a great weekend, I worked today but tomorrow we are grilling out!!

Heart said...

Yes, Fridays are awesome! Sounds like you will be a busy woman!

Enjoy your weekend and good luck with the class!