Saturday, September 25, 2010


You know, I spend a lot of my time wondering. Thinking. Trying to decide if the universe points me here, or if I only think it does. I pray. I talk to God alot, but usually regarding others. I always think my praying power works so much better for those that I would die for. Meanwhile, I wander about and wonder. At this time in my life, I am open. Seriously. Having spent ALL of my years doing what I believed needed to be done, should be done, rightfully done, now I think selfishly...but act in the opposite. I am obsessed with doing as I please, but despise that what I please is what I would do and did, all my life. Is that conditioning or am I just a boring do-gooder? I am like my cat, standing in the open doorway. I don't necessarily want to go out, I just want the option.

And with that, I need to go to the gym.

And you know what else? I want a steam mop...and a nose stud.

Happy Saturday, y'all. :)


M Chickk said...

A steam mop and a nose stud! That sure is from one end to the Have a great day, friend!

A P said...

I just bought A steam mop, not used yet , need to. the nose stud I don`t need too much like A ring in the nose!!HA HA

Leann said...

I would like a nose stud but I have a very unflattering nose. Why call attention to it?

I too think selfishly. That I deserve after all the years of sacrifice. But I act just the opposite. It is easy to pray for others, to do for others, to want the best for them.

When does that become detrimental to who we are? Is what we do selfish or self serving?

LL Cool Joe said...

It's amazing that when we get the freedom to do what we want, we seem to end up doing what we've always done.

Have a good weekend!

Coffeypot said...

I do have pierced ears (both sides) from losing a bet with my granddaughter and I can't take them out until she says I can. But I couldn't do the nose stud thing. It would feel like I had a booger stuck in my nose all the time.

I think we are all guily of wanting to do more but never do. At least that is how I feel.

desert dirt diva said...

I want a nose stud,said something to Dave, he asked if I also wanted a divorce......lolol...I also had to get a steam mop, when i moved to my last house,....used it like twice, mopping was easier....i still think it had to do with living in the desert, agin Dave said i needed to use it more, not when the floors got dusty..dirty....hmmmmmmmm...JAIME it has been forever, haven't been on my blog in months, kinda got caught up on yours.......when your done decorating.. come do mine, still have not put pictures up here....and it has been over a year......
take care blogging

Jules said...

Oh can we please get nose studs together? It's so much better when participating in body modification rituals with a friend!! Makes it memorable. I'll be in Iowa soon.

And your answer is yes. Intentions/prayers sent out to the Universe are ALWAYS heard. Sometimes the answer is surprising and makes you want to tweak your thoughts. Sometimes it has a sense of humor. And sometimes, we are rewarded in the most wonderful ways!

Best thoughts to you..... J