Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well Tuck You, Too

I know that I need to post here, after all I am trying to write more, do better at this whole communication thing. Silence is golden, but not when you are supposedly a blogger. So, since I have nothing of any interest to say here, heaven knows what this post will actually end up being. But you are along for the ride..

I am tired of the bullsh** politics already. I am a very politically minded person and I don't go around blasting my opinions to the world, for me, that's what the voting process is for. However, the crap that is being spewed from this side and that side and the middle and the bottom and the top is really starting to get ridiculous. Ugh. There used to be a political "season", now it just never, ever stops. Damn.

Fall is here, and that makes me happy on one hand, sad on the other. It is my favorite time of year, but it means that the cold and snow and basic HELL is right around the corner, and like every other thing in my life, I ruin the NOW by worrying about the NEXT.

I have been redecorating, or just decorating my apartment for the past few weeks. I have lived here for more than a year now, and spent all that time in a very plain looking, but nice place. Now it's getting alot JAZZIER and I am loving it.

Jazzy--isn't that a great word?

I am getting skinny and loving it. The problem? When you are old and skinny like me, things really sag. If you are fat, there is no room to sag. So, the question becomes fat or wrinkled? Certainly the fat answer is funner. But I guess I'll take skinny. I need to meet and marry a plastic surgeon. Now THAT is a great idea. I could have a tummy tuck, a butt tuck, an arm tuck, hell - a whole face tuck! Anyone know an eligible plastic surgeon? One that wants to tuck my face? Omgosh, I crack myself up.

My back hurts like a you-know-what this morning. Really, really bad. I have done nothing and there is no reason, but dayummm...I am going to the gym in a while and wondering what I can do there that won't make it worse. Hot tub--yeah, that is the only thing. It will do nothing for the fitness, but it sure will feel great. But I suppose I will walk and swim first.

I am going into work late this morning and I still woke up at four. I am doomed to be a four am riser for the rest of my life. Ugh.

Happy Hump Day. And you all thought I had nothing to say...Look at all the words I wrote here. Okay, I didn't say it would be anything worthwhile. I'm out.


Leann said...

You crack me up too :-)

I agree on the political front. When you find the eligible plastic surgeon ask if he has a brother, or cousin, or something so I can get tucked too. I want to lose weight but the thought of all the sags...I am not looking forward to that.

Have a great day and hope the back eases up some.


kristi said...

I get so sick of the Obama haters on Facebook, and the nasty mean jokes posted. UGH...he is our president, get over it!

I am still fat, but working on losing! :)

kristi said...

I get so sick of the Obama haters on Facebook, and the nasty mean jokes posted. UGH...he is our president, get over it!

I am still fat, but working on losing! :)

Smocha said...

I hear ya. I need a head transplant and a whole body lift :)

I too am sick of politics!

Happy humpday!

Coffeypot said...

Tuck your face??? You aren't talking tongue-tied are you? And slim with wrinkles is much more favorable than acres and acres of fat.

Jen said...

I'm guilty of ruining the now by worrying too much about the next, too. I wish I knew how to stop.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Fall is my favorite time too, with summer coming in at a close second. I could easily live in an area that just had those 2 seasons. I'm hungry for anything pumpkin right now. Yummmm. Have a great day, dear friend.

Moohaa said...

Fall, redecorating, weight loss.. lots of good things! I sure hope you enjoyed your workout. Getting to the workout sure sucks but it does so much good.



M Chickk said...

I LOVE fall too! Hope your back is feeling better. That's awesome that you are getting skinny! I wish I could say the same. Actually, I don't even want to be skinny, I just want to get below 200!!! Dream on... lol. Have a great day, chick!

"Professor" M. said...

Congratulations on getting skinny. I have a long way to go before I could claim that nomenclature. Like your blog and the way you write!