Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday...ahhhh Friday

Okay, so today is better. I am taking a "mental health day" from work. Heaven knows, I need it. But, even if I wasn't off from the job today, I am better. Most days, I feel pretty happy, pretty lucky to be alive. Recently, not so much. But, I am getting my batteries re-charged, little by little. I generally don't let the little things get to me, but in the past few weeks, I have let that rule slide and look where it got me. So...I am back to talking myself out of it. It works, at least for me.

I feel for those in the south eastern part of the country---two feet of snow in DC? Good heavens, this winter has been wild. More snow for Iowa today, but nothing compared. However, we have already had our two feet, our one foot, two blizzards, two ice storms, about a thousand white knuckle drives to work so if it has to happen, I am happy that it's not going to happen here.

My beautiful daughter will be thirty, yes-I said 30 on Sunday. How can that be? I am only thirty...

For today, I think I will get to see my Brodie. What better way to cure the blues? If I don't I will spend a quiet day, reading. That too, sounds good. Plus, I am going to get my nails done, one way or another. Happy Friday!


Golden To Silver Val said...

No matter what you do...I hope you enjoy every second of this day. A 3 day weekend....LOVE them. You sound like you're getting your feisty back. Hugs.

BREZZ said...

i agree, you are sounding a bit better-- and reading?
THAT is a good sign in itself :))

enjoy your day-- i do hope you see your brodie-- and of course the J that will of course have him in tow--
happy birthday to her :))

yes odd, that you two are the same age--


Mary said...

How can these kids be so old? The nerve of them!! Mine are now OLDER than me.

Enjoy your three day weekend to the fullest. Now that you brought it up I believe I'll get my nails done too. Give Brodie a little squeeze and a kiss for me.

LL Cool Joe said...

It's always a shock when the kids grow older than us. :D

I'm off to the States, Scotsdale, Arizona, in a weeks time with the hope of finding some sun!


YEA!!! and you sound better too!!

re: your comment over at my blog? it's my sentiments exactly. However,..and I urge every woman to think this thru,'s what I think: it's a combo of menstrual colitis, aka Pam colitis and IBS, leaky gut (yes, google's an actual disorder) and having had my tubes tied--post tubal ligation syndrome.

WOMEN!! If your periods are jacked up, do NOT get your tubes tied. Make the guy get the snip snip. Ever since my tubal (and granted due to 3 csections and a cpl diagnostic laparoscopies there's quite a bit of scar tissue in there.)

So I have plans to head to the big doctors in the city..Loyola, northwestern..maybe go to Minnesota to Mayo if it gets bad.

what I'd really like to do is reverse my tubal because ever since then, my periods have been worse, as well as the ovulation time frame...and look at what it's doing to my intestines..
Sorry to blog here..just wanted to catch you up.

Smile! I'm glad you're happy!!!
The positive of being in the gloomy moods is that you can only go up from there. :)xxooxoxoxo

Leann said...

It's so good to hear you took a mental health day. I love those!

The mental pep talks work. Keep up the good work.

I hope your day was awesomeness no matter what you did.

Blessings dear.

Lena said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling more upbeat! My son turned 30 last week, I know the feeling!

Have a great weekend with your grandson.

Maria said...

I'm with you on the snow weariness. the dopey receptionist in my office building made the bad choice to tell me on Friday how "pretty" she thought the newly fallen snow was.

It had just taken me over an hour to make a twenty minute car ride to get there and I was in no mood to think it was pretty. It sucked. Big time.