Sunday, February 07, 2010

Janelle's Birthday

Janelle's birthday celebration last night, at the Lonestar Steakhouse. Janelle, Brodie, Mark, Jordy and Tegan. Yes, Craig and Dani were missed. :( But we had a great time. I cannot believe that my daughter is thirty years old, today. She looks like a little kid, still...but she is a mom now, with another on the way. Good heavens, the changes in her life in the past couple of years! She and I and Brodie had a good time all day. We ran here and there...shopped, ate, just had fun. And, just so you all know, if you are going to buy the Elvis Gospel Music will NOT play in your CD player. Good heavens, I thought I bought a cd. I really wanted to HEAR it, not see it. I put it in my player in the car..and it read err. Hmm..just great--now my cd player is going out! Tried again, still read err. So, I swore a little. Then put the disc back in the case. That's when I read the letters DVD on the cover. my defense though, it was in the CD section at Barnes and Noble. Duh. Happy Sunday.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh what great pictures...and Happy Birthday Janelle! Janelle looks so happy! Yep, Jamie....they always seem like little kids to daughter is 42 and I look at her and see a 10 year old. Our parents must have thought the same about us. Tegan is gorgeous! Looks like it was a wonderful day for everyone.

Mary said...

Happy birthday to Janelle. Everyone seems to be enjoying the evening. Don't you jest love having Brodie at the table? Thanks for posting the pics.

The race WAS exciting as was practice earlier in the week. Harvick was bound to win sometime - at least it wasn't in a points race.

The little ones are really excited about the Super Bowl. I don't know how their parents are going to deal with the game going into the night - and on a "school tomorrow" night.

Have a peaceful day and enjoy the game.

Lena said...

What a nice family day!



Happy Birthday Janelle! 30 is the new 20! :)

I'm going with girl,'re having a girl. :)


BREZZ said...

so good to see you all havin family fun.
y'all look really happy- that makes me happy for you.


Craig said...

looks like i missed out on a great time :) great pics btw

Craig said...

looks like i missed out on a great time :) great pics btw

LL Cool Joe said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! Lovin' that hoodie that the guy's wearing on the 3rd photo. :D Sorry, but I notice crap like that! :D

Happy birthday Janelle!

オテモヤン said...


Cheryl said...

Who left the spam above this comment? I say delete!

The pics are great. I'm so glad you got to spend time with family. Too bad about Elvis. I would have been bummed too!

Glad you had the long weekend. Hope the new week flies.

Leann said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time with family! It is so difficult to believe our children are getting up there in age when we aren't more than 30 ourselves! Especially in our minds! Somedays the body feels old, but not all the time thank goodness!

It is always so fun to see you with Brody. Love the picture you have on the right of him in the striped jumper and hat. ADORABLE!

Enjoy your day my dear!

Moohaa said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! That baby is sooooo sweet!!

I've done the dvd/cd mix up soo many times; you'd think I would automatically look. Alas... I still don't.

Happyone :-) said...

Happy Birthday to Janelle!
Looks like everyone is having fun!!

Gypsy said...

I agree with everyone else that it looks like you are all having a ball and isn't that what being with your family should be about?

I hope Janelle enjoyed her birthday. Wonderful pics Jamie.