Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Sound Bites

I am tired of the Olympics. Just sayin'.

New pills add to tiredness, but make my mouth feel so much better! No new owies all week and I can eat a cracker without coffee!

More snow this weekend, YEA!

I have the very best kids on the planet. The comments left by Craig and Dani on my last post made me cry.

And while we are on the subject, my friends and sisters rock, too!

I broke my super-sticky-cat-hair-picker-upper-thingy given to me by Mark. I loved that thing. He fixed it and it broke again. :(

Today is "picture day" for Brodie!

It's Friday. :)


Golden To Silver Val said...

All I can say is Thank God it IS Friday......I'm whipped. Have a great day and may it go fast. LOL

Craig said...

Hope that your day is a good one and I'll give ya a ring this weekend. Love ya :)

SOUL said...

good to hear you soundin chipper this mornin--
i hope you have a great weekend!

i didn't know you were havin mouth probs-- but i can send you the name of the med again if ya want-- it's a miracle, really.

hugs and smiles goin your way-

Leann said...

Kids can just put the topping on the cake can't they?!

It sounds like you have started out on a positive note and I hope it ends that way as well! Enjoy picture day with the Brodster.

Blessings on this beautiful day my dear.

fiwa said...

I am tired of them too. I'm tired of watching the news and GMA, and seeing MORE olympics.

I hope you enjoy your weekend dear heart.

Love & hugs -

Golden To Silver Val said...

OH NO....the Asian hoochie mamas are advertising on YOUR blog now. Each one of those dots is a sinful site. (clutches heart, looks skyward)
Virus city!
Stop by my place....have a cup of coffee, some cinnamon rolls and pick up your award. Don't you be shy now....I offer it with love and would like you to pass it on. You have made a difference, good friend.

Susie said...

Gah the Olympics! My girls mentioned that they never watch them to someone and got told they were unamerican! I just had to laugh at that.

I hope you had a great weekend and are still feeling better. And have awesome pics!

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