Monday, February 22, 2010


So I get up this morning after a rough night with my back. Just walking along, carrying my coffee and bam...down to my knees. Sharp, shooting pains down my leg and in my back. Perfect...

A wonderful Monday, at home on the bed, in pain. The sun is even shining out there, and I am missing it. I hate missing work....ugh.

I hope your day is going better than mine. :(


Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh nooooo. I wish I lived close-by so I could do something to help you. Feel better SOON...hell with work...think about YOU right now. xo

fiwa said...

I'm sending you mental chicken soup. I am so sorry hun-bun. I hope it goes away tomorrow and that you're back up and at 'em.

Careful hugs -

Lena said...

Oh dear. So sorry you had to spend your day in bed and in pain!

Feel better S O O N!!

Smocha said...

Oh shit Girl,

I'm so sorry to hear that.

What a bunch of crap that doctors haven't fixed you.

You and Soul should go on that "medical mysteries" show.
I hope you feel better in the mornig. :)

Coffeypot said...

I've had that happen more than once. I just usually roll over and put my feet on the couch or chair and lie on the floor. Hard seems to work for me.

Leann said...

I hope you got lots of reading time or equally as enjoyable stuff done. I was home today also, but because it was my day off :-)

Gypsy said...

Have you got a good book you can read? I know what it's like when you lie there thinking about all the things you should be doing but since you can't do anything about it, my vote is to grab yourself a good book, get Mark to make you a thermos of coffee, load up on pain killers and try to distract yourself.

Sleep if you can in between and just rest Jamie. That will do you more good than anything.

SOUL said...

holy crap--
hope you're up n at em today!

is the sun out at least?

hugs girlie--
feel better--
yeh i know-- just slap me

LL Cool Joe said...

Poor you! Get well soon.

Moohaa said...

I feel you. I hope you are doing better today. Hugs!