Friday, January 29, 2010

I have the bullets, do you have a gun?

  • No heat in this apartment this morning, at least not from the furnace. Every damned time they come in to change the filter, which was yesterday, they leave the switch on the furnace turned to off. Furnace closet door is locked, so heat. It's currently 6 outside. That's right, 6. Thank goodness for small room heaters..
  • I go in late today, and come home late. Not really a problem, but I honestly do hate driving home in the dark. It will be after six when I get here, and that's way past dark thirty.
  • Just about one more week and the craziness at work will be over. I have been working my tail off since the first of the year, and all things are on target and going well. Now I am left with closing the month of January, still waiting on the CPA for the final numbers and then the 13 month statement..and back to normal. Yea!
  • I have been honestly EXCITED about the fact that I have been able to drive to and from work normally. Seriously. No ice,'s still there of course, but nothing on the pavement. The first day I could drive that way I kept checking to make sure I wasn't speeding, it had been so long since I was able to drive the limit. Never mind the fact that we are in the deep freeze, single digits during the day, below zero at night.
  • This fatty mcbutterpants has done well the past few junk, no chocolate...oh how I love chocolate. I took the giant bowl of candy to work, it was gone in a couple of hours..much to Mark's dismay, I might add. He was rather dumbfounded last weekend when I had no Kit-Kat's. Poor Mark.
  • The detail boys in the back at work made pancakes for lunch yesterday. (Yes, we have an interesting group like that.) I was invited but held off...and stayed with my boring, chicken tuscany, (light) soup. I have to say it looked like I-Hop back there. I am going to get my cholesterol down if it kills me. Bleh.
  • I haven't even filled the new prescriptions yet, I will do that tomorrow. I just won't start new meds during the week when I have to work. It would be my luck to have some sort of bad reaction and make an ass of myself on the job. I need no help in that area, so yeah..tomorrow.
  • Happy Friday, friends!


Lynn said...

Happy Friday! I gave up and went on cholesterol meds, but haven't given up on the process of getting it down naturally. It's just a better way to eat. Good for you for skipping the pancakes - not sure if I could have done that!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I've heard cinnamon brings cholesterol I'll bring cinnamon buns and coffee cake muffins over if you make the coffee. Then I've also heard that garlic can get it in pill form so no bad breath. Of course we could also make some garlic bread to go along with the spaghetti. I'd rather have the cinnamon though. (seriously, you buy it in pill form too).
Stick with me, kid, and I'll have you in size XXXL in no time. LOLOLOLOLOL

Mary said...

I'm waaaaaay over weight now due to meds but my cholesterol stays down. My one lucky health stat.

New meds are always a risk, aren't they. One just never knows.

Have a calm, peaceful weekend. Hugs to you.

Coffeypot said...

Come on Spring. Until then, move South.

Leann said...

Oatmeal. Love oatmeal. Ad a tsp of ground flax seed. It works!!

Hope the meds work out well for you and there are no more bumps for awhile.

Blessings my dear.

Cheryl said...

No heat? That's just not right! I hope your weekend brings you happy times. Seeing your boy?