Saturday, January 30, 2010

That's amore'

Yesterday was HELL DAY. Eight solid freakin' hours of hell. Seriously.

It began with my very first customer encounter the minute I walked in the door. "Doesn't your service department have to call me when they do something extra to your car?" Well, yes I would say it's a good idea for them to do that. "I am NOT paying for these extra charges". Fine, woman - what exactly on the bill that has been presented to you, in the amount of $37 and some change do you have a problem with? Ahhh..the nine dollar air filter. Hmmm, I guess I didn't know that there was an air filter out there for less than twenty these days, but by ALL means, let me take that off of your bill. You cheap, nasty woman.

And it only went down hill from there. I was typing along on my computer, trying to prepare myself for the end of the month, you know...and suddenly, my computer screen goes blue and murmurs something about dumping physical memory. Well, just peachy.

I suppose I should fill in the fact that one in my three girl office had taken a vacation day, hence the fact that I went in late, and had to stick around until closing. And answer the &*##$'in phone and help customers at the pay window.

The 12,716th phone call was fun. So were all that came before it. "I want the phone number to General Motors, I have a complaint." Oh and I don't want to forget this one.."You know, like last night, I found out the hard way that I don't have any brakes..teehee, and you know, like that really makes it like HARD to get around...there seems to be like something wrong, you know, because it just doesn't want to stop and I was like wondering if I could like, you know, bring my car in, and pay you like later, you know, like when I get my tax money back, because you know I like have this baby, and everyone tells me, like I should be getting alot of money back, you know, like from the government. My car is like down at the human services office, and like how can I get it there? Like my boyfriend like said .....yada, yada..freakin' yada.". Some of my favorite calls yesterday were the ones that thought the number was a fax machine. That had to have happened about a thousand times..."Thank you for calling XXXXX Dealership, my name is Jamie, how can I help you" BEEEEEEEEEEEEP...ugh.

Oh, and let's not forget the man that came in with resume in hand..and somehow ended up in front of ME...I am looking for a job...he looked at LEAST 112. No kidding. But rest assured, the cancer is GONE. Clean bill of health. Retired from the military...buddy, let it go. Volunteer somewhere, I'm happy your cancer is gone, but aren't you just plain tired? I mean, wasn't the 60 year job history listed here on your resume enough for you?

Freaks. Every one of them. Yesterday.

Then I drove home, in the dark. And then I saw it...the big, old, round---ROUND---shiny moon. No damned wonder. :)


BREZZ said...

ummmm, perhaps today you could find the humor in it all?

it could happen? no?

have a great day-

BREZZ said...

ha! first!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh yeah....that moon does that. Last night's moon was called the "Wolf moon"...happens once a year, in January, meaning its the biggest and brightest of the year. Native Americans named it the wolf moon because in cold January the hungry wolf packs would come out howling, searching for food. I just LOVE Native American history.
Anyhow....even though it brings the weirdos out of the woodwork, it was absolutely beautiful.
Have a great Saturday.

Anonymous said...

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Leann said...

At least you can see the moon. We don't have that opportunity. I am really sincerely sorry that you had an awful day. Good news!! The weekend is here!! Whoot

Coffeypot said...

I was, your know, wanting to see, like, the moon and all last, uh, night. But I couldn’t, like, because it was, uh, you know, too cloudy and stuff. So I was wondering, like, if you, like, got to see, kinda, a lot of it? Like it’s sooooo cool if you did. And I would, you know, take back the, like, air filter, you know? Since she didn’t, uh, wanna pay for it and all. Bitch!

Moohaa said...

It was cloudy here last night too. Interesting about how many freaks come out when the moon is full and freaky. :)

Hope tomorrow is better for you. Hugs.

M Chickk said...

And THAT is why I do not want another job where I have to actually deal with people!!! Good luck finding one of those though!

Sorry your day was moon crazy!

Mary said...

The full moon does bring 'em out, doesn't it?