Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just call me Fatty McButterpants

So, the dr's appointment actually went well. Yes, I have what my neuro told me. Sjogrens disease and fibromyalgia. The course of treatment is the same as my prior doc wanted, and that is where the problem lies. I go to these guys for help, but do not want to take their pills. And yet, I have no choice. Most people have sjogrens as a secondary problem to another immune system disorder. The fact that mine is primary is a cause for concern, as it creates big, and sometimes very serious health issues. It has caused my peripheral neuropathy, and my rheumotologist wants to do some research on how to proceed in that area, as he said it is rare to find a case like mine. So, I am back on a medication that I have tried in the past but couldn't function well on, and at a smaller beginning dose as I have little tolerance for such drugs, and on a different medication which is supposed to help me to be able to reduce the gallons of water and club soda I drink each day, and help with the other "dry" issues, like eyes full of sand. I was not happy to learn that 5-7% of those with my problem develop lymphoma. So, yea me. Bleh. You know, every day we age, there is just another issue to deal with. I think the point of the growing older game is staying lucky and healthy enough to not to have to deal with the biggies.

You know, of all the things I learned yesterday, and there were many, I found out that my cholesterol was over 200 and that probably upset me the most. Just call me fatty mcbutterpants. I have got to get back to exercising, and would love that more than anything, if they could control the pain so that I can. It is just a damned vicious circle. I have not gained weight, at least I don't think I have, I always allow five pounds difference between my scales and the dr, and I weighed 2.7 pounds more there. I need to get on my scales here, don't I? I just feel fat. Too much being stuck inside, no movement at all...I suppose I am going to have to break down and join the gym so I can swim...again, bleh. I know I will not want to go jump into a cold pool in the winter, even though the pool is inside and the water is heated. It will just about kill me.

I did a little cat sitting yesterday evening, Mr Tonka came for a visit. I have him most evenings these days, Mark is working two jobs and has LONG, LONG days. Too long for a kitten to be left alone. I love having him here, but like a toddler, he gets into everything. EVERYTHING. He makes me laugh until the breaking starts. I swear there is no place that cat can't get to. NOTHING is safe. :)

Happy Wednesday. :)


Lynn said...

Chuckle over Fatty McButterpants. :) I feel fat, too - must be winter.

Love the description of Tonka. My Sophie was once that rambunctious.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Well, here's hoping that whatever he gave you will soon have you feeling better. I hate taking medications too and wish that I didn't have to. You know its psychological... about getting in a pool in the middle of winter....even though the water is warm. LOL It just doesn't sound inviting.

BREZZ said...

swimming-- in an indoor-heated pool--- just think of it as biking-- without the bike??? no? hmmm. ok sorry.
i love swimming... but like you-- mind over matter-- and my mind can't get past the thought that i'll freeze.

i know the diagnosis can't be pleasing to you-- but it must be a relief of sorts? 'they ' are to me at times. no matter how disconcerting (i don't know if that's the word i want) they can be-- at least i know i'm not crazy. well, as crazy as i think sometimes. they answer a lot of questions-- unanswered questions of chronic pain, and twenty mystery symptoms... at least they give it a name. right?

anyhow-- the high cholesterol thing? i want to say - don't worry about that.. but i know you do. but that has to have something to do with one of the mystery illnesses too. at least that's my opinion. i am a dr ya know. :))
but really-- you have seen me-- i'm not 'fat' either. so either it's hereditary-- or dietary. my guess-- hereditary. or part of one maybe the fybro? not sure. cuz i had high chol. for several years-- then suddenly-- a year or two ago-- it was in normal range. go figure.

anemic-- not anemic
high chol. no high chol.

chillax. enjoy the baby and the kitty-- declaw that brat as soon as possible :))

tell your family i say hello--

and keep on truckin....

forgive me for bloggin in your box--
i shall be on my way now
happy humpday

Cheryl said...

Hi Jamie,
I did some research on Sjogrens to understand it a little. It sucks. Yup. What I know about you, though, is that you're a fighter. Keep on fighting, and follow the Dr's orders. Hopefully starting on a smaller dosage of the meds will help you tolerate them this time. Can anything be done for the neuropathy?

Glad the kitty makes you happy. If only they'd stay kittens.

LL Cool Joe said...

I've put on weight too. I cracked up at the Fatty McButterpants. There's a rapper called Fat Joe, and if I don't lose some weight soon there will be a dj called Fat Joey.

Leann said...

That was indeed a funny header on the post :-)

I love to swim also. I wish my motivation factor was greater. In the winter time, even being indoors, the thought of stripping down to a suit (not to mention THAT image) and jumping into thanks.

You should move to Oregon. We could be roomies. I work, you clean :-) jk....kinda...a little......hehehehe

Take care my dear


Jules said...

Hi Jamie!! Thanks for checking in on me. I'm still alive by some thread.

I think of you often and your health challanges. I understand how hard it is to push on each day when your body feels like it has given up. But you've been my inspiration this past year so......
don't give up.

I'd send you some Az sunshine, but we haven't had any for awhile. As a matter of fact, my house floated away last week and I'd better go blog about it.

Love, kisses and a shoulder to lean on when you need it :)

Jules (

M Chickk said...

hahaha...I posted tonight about my cholesterol before I even read this! Actually, its not a laughing matter. My winning numer...244!