Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Piss-assy isn't even a word.....

I'm feeling pretty piss-assy this morning, most of which is directly related to physical pain. My damned back is killing me, it kept me awake alot. There is going to be no choice, surgery will certainly be in my near future. I cannot tell you how tired I am of it. The pain, the meds, the alteration of my life so that I can take it easy on my body. Gah. I don't see my doc until next month, and I can make it 'til then---and I am NOT looking forward to having a cage put in my spine. Holeee crap. If I am not careful, I will end up disabled, hell - I could, careful or not. This is not the way I envisioned my life, and I refuse to give in to it.

Sorry, I know how negative I sound...and if I keep on talking, it will get no better. So, Happy Tuesday to each of you. Catch you on the flip-flop.


Cheryl said...

I wish you could see your doctor sooner so you could get a jump-start on whatever treatment/surgery needs to be done. Living in pain affects every part of your life; I know.

It's Tuesday. One day down for you. Hope the work part goes smoothly.


Not negative at all-you're allowed to be this way today cuz it's "totally ticks me off Tuesday!"

Thinking of you and hoping you'll be able to get to see doc sooner!!


Golden To Silver Val said...

oh kid, I'm so sorry you're going through all this. This pain we live with is the PITS. This isn't how I envisioned my life either and it just plain pisses me off....I can't begin to tell you how angry it all makes me. I sure hope that you can find some relief and I agree with Cheryl...I think you should go see your doc earlier...maybe you'll be all healed up and feelin' good by the holidays!!! Big hugs dear friend. xo Charlotte

Jules said...

Hey J, I have some home remedies to share for your aches and pains of life. :)

Seriously, wishing you well.... keeping you in my prayers.

Bina said...

Okay, I've been through your blog (back from September 1) and I guess you are newly separated from your husband? I need to go back further and read more, but I'm at work!

That little Brodie is so very handsome!!! I LOVE his face!!!

And if my back was giving me that much pain, I would be Piss-assy as well. You poor thing. I hope the stairs aren't in your new place aren't making it worse!

Leann said...

Real or not it's how you feel so fun with it :-)

I'm terribly sorry that your back is bothering you. I can't begin to imagine how limiting that must be for you. And how scary contemplating back surgery must seem.

Take care friend and I hope your day is a better one.

Gypsy said...

Hi Jamie

I have just spent a pleasant hour or so reading back through the past few months and I am so pleased for you that your life seems to be falling into place (with the exception of your back pain of course).

You are an inspiration and I'm proud of you. Isn't Brodie just the cutest baby ever? Awwww.